About Us

Welcome to Shangrila Silk and Pashmina Pvt Ltd., Nepal's leading Cashmere/Pashmina manufacturer. Since its establishment on 2062 B.S. (2005 A.D.) Shangrila Silk and Pashmina has been manufacturing wide range of  cashmere and silk  scarves, shawls, capes/poncho , blankets and cashmere throws of its finest quality and designs. All our products are 100% handmade with exclusive designs of real finest cashmere  . We provide you timeless classics in exclusive colors, different designs and patterns in screen prints and variety of fabrics that are both highly functional and fashionable that meets the needs of today's modern lifestyle. We are simply known for quality handmade sensational fabrics and its colors along with enduring style products and exquisite craftsmanship.

We guess cashmere and silk is a need of every man and woman's wardrobe which gives exciting and inspiring senses . In other words cashmere gives sensation of luxury that is crafted to create a distinctively rich indulgent feel, and likewise silk is symbol of smoothness and strength along with maintainaing its softness. We assure you that our cashmere and silk products gives more value than you pay for both in quality and design. For that,  we are committed to deliver innovative collection of custom colors and variety of qualities and patterns of screen prints  in both cashmere and silk .